3 Easy Steps to Enroll in a Private Health Services Plan

How to Submit a Claim

Follow these two steps to fast track your claim submission to get reimbursed sooner!


Step One

Enter and upload receipts into the secure web portal which calculates everything for you.

TIP: Make sure your receipts show who incurred the expense, service date and payment date leaving a zero balance.

Step Two

Trustee adjudicates claim and reimbursement to your personal chequing account by direct deposit within 3-5 business days.

Our experience shows a Private Health Services Plan works best when regular monthly contributions are made with employees. However, you can also transfer funds from you business bank account directly to your Trust or mail a cheque when submitting a claim.

Once set up, a Private Health Services Plan runs smoothly.

What are the Benefits of a Private Health Services Plan?

  • Non-taxable benefit to owners, active shareholders, employees and dependents
  • No monthly premiums, no co-insurance, no health questions, no age limit, this is not insurance
  • Lower cost alternative to group insurance
  • Vast list of eligible expenses
  • Employer is in control of benefits offered to employees
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