How We Got Started

In 1999 The John Robinson Group Inc formed the company Trusted Advisor Inc to provide business owner’s of any size an alternative plan to group insurance.

Research began to find Trustees that administered Private Health Services Plans (PHSP) and Health & Welfare Trusts. We looked for outstanding service, lowest cost and no hidden fees to clients. We enrolled our company to test drive the plan and were thrilled how simple it was to set up, enroll employees, ease of submitting claims and reimbursements received on a timely fashion.

Excited to share “CRA’s Best Kept Secret” we designed a brochure for “Business Owners” and had it inserted in Business in Vancouver (BIV) fall issue 2001. Very quickly we were inundated with phone calls by business owners unaware of this plan. “Is this legal?” “What’s the catch?” “Why hasn’t my accountant informed me about this if it has been around since 1986?” “This is too good to be true?” Pandora’s Box was opened!

Educating accountants about this plan was a must! We designed brochures for CA’s, CGA’s & CMA’s to have inserted into their monthly periodical magazines on a frequent basis and continued advertising on the outside back cover of the CPABC InFocus magazine. Most accountants had briefly read about this plan but had no idea where to send their clients. This started the ball rolling big time!

Business expanded as health care professionals such as Acupuncture, Dental, Diagnostic, Fertility, Naturopath, Optometrist etc., clinics requested our brochure to display for their patients. We also started advertising in Just for Canadian Doctors and Just for Canadian Dentists throughout Canada (except Quebec). We recently added an Our Partners page to help our clients find medical professionals in their areas.

After enrolling more than a thousand plus PHSP plans over the last 20 years, we have the skills and expertise to create the right plan design to suit different client needs.

We have been told by client’s they now completely understand how the PHSP benefits them and the benefit to their business.

Standards of performance are the keys to success - follow them, and success will follow you. See what some of our clients are saying!

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