PHSP Testimonials

June Borlé has provided outstanding service to me in her capacity as a trusted advisor for the past ten years.
In addition to being a highly competent and intelligent professional, she unfailingly exhibits the true human qualities of kindness, cheerfulness, and optimism.
I have always been greeted warmly, even for the most mundane of my questions, and am never left with unanswered concerns. If June doesn’t have the answer on the tip of her tongue, she knows someone who does and goes out of her way to track that person down. And, she will return your call promptly– probably the same day, and most likely, within a few minutes.
With her assistance, it is easy to enroll in offered services and to submit claims for eligible business tax deductions for the benefit of employer and employees.
Based on my personal experience, I wholeheartedly recommend June as a trusted advisor.

M.Paula McKechnie, MD

Thank you so much for all your exceptional service to me over many years.”

June Borlé has been my trusted advisor for my company PHSP. My experience with June allows me to highly recommend her services. She gives prompt and knowledgeable advice on how to set up the plan, set the parameters for benefits, and make the claims submissions. This helps the employer to control his costs and makes his job easy and trouble-free. The employer can deduct his costs from his company tax burden and the employee gets the reimbursement tax free making it a win-win situation for both parties. Also, health care treatments not typically covered in EHB plans can be included in the PHSP up to whatever limits the employer establishes. June can explain all this to you; just give her a call.

Alvin Klassen DC, FCCPOR
Broadmoor Chiropractic

We have been clients of Trusted Advisor and the HUB Financial Health Trust for many years, and cannot express enough how impressed we have been with June’s attentiveness and service. The trust has been easy and beneficial from day one – easy to enrol and easy to submit a claim. As a small business owner, I appreciate the benefits it has provided to my employees. As a personal client, I am so incredibly grateful for the fact that the trust covers expenses not covered by other insurance plans. Without reservation, I recommend this service for any small business!

Tracy & Sandy
O’Neil Casavant Projects Ltd

As President, B.W. Stevenson & Associates, Ltd. I wish to recognize June Borlé for her exemplary service and support over the past eight years. June introduced me to HUB Financial Inc’s Private Health Services Trust Plan which I immediately took the opportunity to join back in 2007. It has served me and my employees well over the years and I would highly recommend June as a trust specialist in this area. She has always taken the highest professional approach to serving our needs and advising us as appropriate. I have found the service offered by the Trusted Advisor, June Borlé, to more than meet my expectations. The ease in which she has guided me through this client-friendly process and the quick and thorough response to my questions has impressed me. As well, the reimbursement has always been made in a timely manner. I also very much appreciate the tax benefits

Barry Stevenson, B.S., M.Sc., M.Sc. (HSP)

I am pleased to provide you with our company’s testimony of the benefits we have enjoyed as participants in a Private Health Services Plan. Beginning with the ease of registration and continuing with the streamlined and straightforward claim process, we have been universally pleased with the PHSP as well as the speed with which our claims have been processed. Add to this the fact that all payments have been accepted by the CRA as deductible to the company without being taxable to the individual.

Roy Rootes
Kaleidoscope Investments Ltd.

This is our third year using the Robinson Group for our Private Health Services Plan. The plan allows us the flexibility to offer appropriate coverage for different employee groups and the employees benefit from the non-taxable nature of the benefits. Thank you June, for your advice and support.

David Morris
SSI Sustainable Solutions International Partners

As the accountant for Hodgkinson Equities Corp, I am very satisfied with the Private Health Services Plan offered by The Robinson Group. Our company can get 100% deduction for the expense, while all benefits are non-taxable to the employees. For many people, setting up a PHSP is more cost effective than purchasing extended health insurance. I found the claim process very easy and reimbursements are received on a timely basis.

Mathew Wong
CA,CFA, CPA (WA State), CFO, Hodgkinson Equitites Corp.

The Robinson Group Inc. and Trusted Advisor Inc. have retooled our overall group insurance benefits platform. We received the following results:
– Instantaneous savings of 25% on the portion of coverage that was left with insurance companies.
By restructuring these benefits we ended up with not only cost savings but a better tax structure for both the company and the employees

James C. Wilson
President & CEO, Active Chemicals Ltd.

With a Private Health Services Plan our employee group has been offered a whole new set of benefits they did not have in our previous group insurance program. At the beginning of our second year using a PHSP, we are now able to enhance employee limits and benefits.

Updates and record keeping is relatively easy and employees receive their benefits back in three business days via electronic transfer to their bank accounts

Bernie Bennett
C.E.O., Target Marine Products

I can’t believe that over many years a Private Health Services Plan was never suggested by my accountants. Until my own physician suggested it to me I had never heard of such a plan. Now I can’t believe the benefits. Even though I have a good extended benefit plan, non-covered health costs and high deductibles for provincial drug coverage have made our PHSP very worthwhile.

Robert C Offer MD FRCPC
Rheumatologist, Penticton BC

I am very pleased to provide you with a testimonial for your Private Health Services Plan. I found June to be extremely knowledgeable, courteous and prompt in setting up my company’s PHSP. June explained all aspects of it to me and followed up with e-mails and phone calls to make sure that I understood everything. I found both the enrollment forms and the claim forms easy to complete. My claim was paid promptly.

David Watts
Notary Public

Setting up a Private Health Services Plan is easy and no hassle as June is so efficient and proficient. Realtors working as independent contractors would find that a PHSP benefits them more so than a supplementary medical insurance plan as most of the medical expenses incurred by their family members under the plan are totally tax-deductible from their business income. It is all legitimate under the tax regulations. The starting cost is minimal compared to the tax benefits you will enjoy.

Gene S. Chan
Associate Broker, Park Georgia Realty Ltd.

I have been sending those of my patients who are self employed with a small business, information on the Private Health Services Plan provided by Trusted Advisor. The PHSP allows business owners and their employees unlimited access to all my dental services without the many restrictions imposed by dental insurance companies. The procedures are tax-deductible, an excellent advantage for the employer, and are a non-taxable benefit to the employees.

Dr. Vincent Hartloper

June Borlé from the Robinson Group enrolled our small business into the Private Health Services Plan a few years ago. The service provided by June has been excellent, and the simplicity of submitting claims couldn’t be easier with quick, prompt turn around in receiving our reimbursement.

C Wener
Monteray Estates Ltd

I came across your name in one of the magazines where the website was given. I reviewed your website and found the website nicely organized. The flow of information was very useful and easy to understand. I managed to make my decision to form the trust after going through the website. The service of the trusted advisor was prompt and excellent. The PHSP enrollment process was simple and easy to follow. The process of submitting claims and reimbursement is very effective and done in a timely manner.

Abdulaziz Harji
A. B. Harji & Company, Certified General Accountants Professional Corporation

This is to thank you for your guidance and help in establishing our company group Private Health Services Plan. The clarity of your explanation simplified the enrollment, and it will ease filing for claims. We all appreciate the plan and we believe that this business tax-deducted, non-taxable benefit to employees is a win-win situation for all.

Karel V Galland
ECOfluid Systems Inc.

Just to let you know that I have found working with the Private Health Services Plan very easy and that the service provided has been exemplary. The simplicity of the PHSP process makes it very easy to use and my Trusted Advisor has answered any queries immediately. After the submission of a claim, reimbursement has always been timely and I have never had any problems using my submissions as a tax deduction.

Dr. Susan Higginbottom

June is an absolute joy to have contact with every year come tax preparation time. She has passion for her work and it shows. Her caring and thoughtful guidance and suggestions I have to say is a relief for me, everything is so much simpler with June! PHSP reimbursements have always been accurate and prompt. She is kind, orderly and has a great sense of humour.

Bob Buckley Productions Ltd

I have been using a Private Health Services Plan for several years. I enrolled through June Borlé at The Robinson Group and that was a very simple process. The plan has been excellent and reimbursement of claims is prompt. My wife and I are the sole shareholders and employees of my company and we are both in excellent health. Overall, I estimate that I save about $5,000 per year as compared with the group plan that I previously subscribed to.

Philip J. Jones
Associate Counsel

Working with June has been a pleasure. I have been involved with Private Health Services Plans in the past but have not always had the best service once enrolled. I was referred to June by a mutual client and was already impressed from the get go. June explained everything to me very clearly and answered any questions concisely without making me feel “sold.” 1. Service of Trusted Advisor 2. Ease of Enrollment 3. Simplicity of submitting a claim/timely reimbursement 4. Business tax-deduction

Michael Boschitsch, CGA
President, Misam Canada Group

We undertook to install a Private Health Services Plan in 2002.
Over the last four years using the PHSP our experience has been:
1. Our overall costs have gone down dramatically
2. We have developed a significant positive account balance
This has allowed us to:
1. Enhance the benefits offered to employees because of surpluses
2. Lower our monthly outflow cost for insurance premiums

Grant Block, CA
Partner, Davidson & Company

Our company would like to thank you personally for your outstanding help and assistance in establishing the Private Health Services Plan for our company. We wanted you to know that the trust documents and claim forms were mailed to the Calgary office of Hub Financial on November 24, 2003 and the employee reimbursement was received by direct deposit on November 27, 2003.

Glen J. Pirie
President, Bond Properties Inc.

I am pleased to recommend the PHSP services of Hub Financial Inc., represented locally by Ms. June Borlé of the John Robinson Group Inc. The assistance provided by Ms. Borlé in explaining the basics of this newer but not well-known alternative to secondary private health insurance and the initial assistance in filing a claim for reimbursement of expenses were exceptional for this industry.

H.E. Richman
C.E.O., X L Properties Inc.

We at Pioneer Distributors Ltd. have for over three years provided the ownership and staff a comprehensive medical plan by way of a Private Health Services Plan. Prior to that, we at times were without a plan and also used Blue Cross at one point. We are very pleased with the overall concept of the PHSP and the administration of it by Hub Financial along with The Robinson Group Inc.

George Klukas
President & CEO, Pioneer Distributors

I was not familiar with the concept of a Private Health Services Plan when the services of Trusted Advisor were recommended to me by a medical professional. As a self-employed individual, I did not believe that the benefits of group health insurance common in the corporate world were available to me in a plan that was both efficient and cost-effective. June Borlé of the John Robinson Group was most helpful in explaining the plan to me, and the setup process couldn’t have been easier.

Robert Blair
Blairmore Enterprises Inc.

After enrolling in a PHSP, we have been contributing on a monthly basis of about 1/2 of what we used to pay in premiums under our old plan and yet can include many more items not refundable under the old insurance plan. Even with the expanded number of items that can be claimed for reimbursement we are increasing the money in our deposit account on a month by month basis. Payment of claims is very reliable with the average turn around time being about 2 weeks.

Cliff Vermette
Vermette & Co., Barristers & Solicitors

With the help of “The Robinson Group Inc.” we switched our employee benefits from a group insurance medical and dental plan to a Private Health Services Plan. Our company was able to save a significant sum of money in the first couple of years. This is money that we can keep to fund our employee’s medical and dental needs for future years instead of increasing the margins of our previous group insurance provider.

Ronald M. Wirth
Controller, Target Marine Products

My Private Health Services Plan has been a marvelous addition to my office benefits package. It is a superb tool for enhancing management of health expenses within the business context. The Robinson Group has been excellent to deal with in both setting up and managing the plan. The PHSP has been a great addition to my business, my family and my employees.

Catherine A. Sas, Q.C.
Immigration Law Centre

I would recommend any business that has Group Insurance or not, to enroll in the Private Health Services Plan for medical, dental and vision coverage. I have dealt with June to enroll 2 companies. The service is excellent, prompt and with no hustle.

1) Easy to Enroll
2) Simplicity of submitting a claim with timely reimbursements
3) Tax-deductible for business
4) Non-taxable benefit for employees
5) Covers much more than normal group insurance, such as acupuncture, TCM, and many more.

I highly recommend any business small or big to contact June Borlé without hesitation. Should you require confirmation, I can be reached on my Cell # 604-418-7471

Eric Pang

On the recommendation of our accountant, I contacted Trusted Advisor to set up a Private Health Services Plan. Dealing with Trusted Advisor, June Borlé has been an excellent experience. She is very pleasant, professional and helpful and has made the enrollment process simple and straightforward. We are delighted that our accountant let us know about a PHSP and have recommended Trusted Advisor to several friends and business associates who are also self-employed.

David and Daphne Parker
J.D. Textiles Garment Importers

I want to thank you for your assistance in setting my wife and me up on the Private Health Services Plan through Hub Financial. My accountant had advised us to set up a health trust account for our corporation to allow our medical/dental expenses to be a non-taxable benefit to ourselves and be tax deductible for my corporation. He gave us your contact number. I found your advice and assistance extremely helpful, and enrolling in the plan was very simple and straight forward. Claim submission is very easy, and your help in getting us set up for the first submission was much appreciated. Payment is prompt. The PHSP is very comprehensive, and I recommend it to others.

Mark Mountain MD
Mark Mountain MD Inc

Just a thanks for the Private Health Services Plan. Appreciate the ease of use, submitted one overseas claim, and it went thru very smoothly. Keep up the good work!

Jerome Zachary
Rousseau Chain Ltd.

We were very pleased to discover the Private Health Services Plan. Our accountant suggested it when we had a number of expenses including very costly back surgery outside the country. We have basic insurance but the coverage is limited. We found HUB online and I made contact with June Borle in Vancouver who explained how it works. She walked me through the process and quickly had us enrolled. We have since used the PHSP for medication not fully covered by our insurance plan and for the above mentioned back surgery. We travel a lot so it is a nice security blanket for unforseen medical expenses not covered by other insurance. The forms are easy to fill out. Nothing too complicated. I wish we had known about HUB sooner.

Fred and Cathy Latremouille

Working with a Trusted Advisor, like June Borlé from the Robinson Group, has been a pleasure from the enrollment until now, three years later. Initially, we had no idea what a Private Health Services Plan was, until Ms. Borlé gave a very clear and concise explanation and the easily enrolled us in the plan. For the last few years, we have had very extensive dental expenses, the claims we put through was very easy and the return was prompt. For a small business this is a very good tax benefit.

Rose McIlroy
Romac Business Services Inc

The Private Health Services Plan worked “like a jet.” Had my $28k dental work done, followed the PHSP claim submission instructions, sent all receipts in, and got a cheque back!!! Also, took a deduction for my company as an expense, my accountant had no problem with the paper work. Now thinking about doing it again for fixing my eyes!! Thanks again June.

Walloce Sohl
Re/Max Real Estate Service – Vancouver

Being a small business owner I had to pay my full amount for dental, medications and anything else health related. When I asked my accountant what I could do about it he suggested the Private Health Services Plan offered by June. After contacting her and setting up the paperwork, all I do is send in my receipts twice a year and receive my reimbursement directly in my bank account. The PHSP is easy, and covers a lot more than other plans.

Peter Goldgruber – Nanaimo
Ocean Vista Apartments Ltd

I mention Private Health Services Plans to all my patients who own their own business and do not have the benefit of extended medical coverage. We have used our PHSP extensively in the past year as both of our daughters required services that we would have otherwise had to pay for out of pocket. Without the PHSP, we would have had to draw a higher salary from the business to cover the costs. With the plan, we can put the expenses on a credit card and receive the money in our account before our bill would even come due. And it’s a non-taxable benefit to me and a 100% tax-deduction for our company, so everyone wins!!! June makes everything really easy to set up, so getting involved doesn’t take a lot of time and energy.

Dr. Jennifer Forbes
Dr. Jennifer Forbes Chiropractic Inc

I have used the PHSP for several years now and have found the service to be excellent. The website is easy to negotiate, the forms contain the required formulas to make filing easy, and the response is always prompt. I have a good extended medical plan but it does not cover some goods and services that I require. With the PHSP I can, in effect, pay for these services with pre-tax dollars. I have shared your website with several friends and colleagues who are also now enrolled. Thanks for the great service June!

Nigel Lamb
Interior Windsports Ltd

The Private Health Services Plan puts money back into my pockets! Getting the PHSP has been one of the best business decisions I’ve made. Because the concept was new to me, I had a lot of questions for my Trusted Advisor, June, and she managed to guide me through the process and she was really patient with me. In the end, enrolling in the plam was super easy. I have to say, I didn’t know what to expect when I filled in my first claim, but it was a pain-free experience and I got the money for my submissions fairly quickly and I was able to pay off bills! When it came to do my taxes, my bookkeeper had a quick chat with June to make sure she was correctly submitting the taxes and service fees paid when submitting the claims and she said that June did an incredible job in explaining the whole process. If you are a small business owner (registered or incorporated), you really would be crazy not to consider getting the Private Health Services Plan! Basically, the PHSP puts money back into my pockets for medical-type expenses that I wouldn’t be able to claim otherwise.

Founder & CEO

I’m surprised more people don’t know about what a great deal the Private Health Services Plan is for small businesses. The plan is fabulous and June was able to explain how a PHSP works with simplicity. I can now get a tax deduction on the money I spend for ‘alternative therapies’ that would not have been covered otherwise. I encourage any small business to look into the savings.

Sandy Wright
Wright Health Centre, Windsor, ON

I am sure that if your new website is anything like the Private Health Services Plan it will be a great success. We have been using the program for about 2 years and it has saved our firm tax dollars many times as we can legally deduct the total expense from income tax as a sole proprietor instead of using the medical expense tax credit on the T1 tax return. . We have been able to cover for our employee items not covered by our medical benefit plan especially for eye wear and orthodontics. Our employees are very grateful for the PHSP. I have talked to you on many times and your advice has been timely and beneficial. The turn around service for reimbursement on the plan is excellent. Thank you again for the PHSP and keep up the good work.

Albert Foster, CGA
Maple Ridge, BC

I appreciated how easy June Borlé made enrolling in the Private Health Services Plan. As a business owner who had a serious accident, I was able to claim all expenses not covered under my Medical Plan. PHSP coverage also includes any ongoing alternative expense. The protocol for submitting is very efficient and the direct deposit works extremely fast.

Louretta Frolek, BFA, RDH

I have found the Private Health Services Plan to be very beneficial for me and my growing family as we transitioned from corporate life to our small business. It has allowed me to maintain our level of care without affecting our net income. I found that all my questions were answered completely and in a timely fashion prior to and following enrollment. I continue to get excellent service and have been more than satisfied in establishing the trust. All processes are simple. Accounting is clear. I would recommend a PHSP to any of my closest friends and family.

Tye Startek
TyeStartek Enterprises Inc.

Our company has been using a Private Health Services Plan for several years. Many of the larger benefit companies did not have a plan available for a small business with only one or two employees, as ours was at the time. We found the Private Health Services Plan to be perfect for our needs. Not only did the plan provide our business with a much needed tax break but it also covered many expenses that the larger companies did not. In addition, our benefit plan through the PHSP has easily adapted to the growth and change our company has experienced over the years.

The completion and submission of the claims forms are easy to understand and our employees are happy when their benefit is deposited directly into their bank accounts in about a week! June is very knowledgeable and has always been eager to assist us with any questions we had along the way. We would not hesitate to recommend a Private Health Services Plan to any small business or large company looking for a benefit plan that is truly a benefit; to both the company and its employees!

Darcie Kinsey Shelly
Senior Administrator , 0707073 BC Ltd. dba Untie The Knot Divorce Service and Express Legal

I found June very patient and helpful in explaining the Private Health Services Plan to me, even when I didn’t exactly “get” it. It was really quite easy to register, and while I haven’t yet been through the income tax year yet, I believe it will work to my advantage. What I especially liked is the fact that I could claim medical expenses not normally accepted in extended medical (such as Chinese herbs from my doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or supplements from a Naturopath). I received the refund within a couple of weeks, and it all went very smoothly.

Lorill Drummund

We have been enrolled in the Private Health Services Plan for the past 3 years. During that time we have been pleased with the responsive and expert support from June at Trusted Advisor. Every step of the simple enrollment procedure was completed with these people advising us. Filling out the online claim form and submitting for reimbursement has been straight forward. Claims are reimbursed within 2 weeks and are non-taxable to the employees. A big advantage of the PHSP is the right of the insured to select qualified expenses not covered by other plans. We are happy to recommend this plan.

Clifford Vermette
Vermette & Co.

The Private Health Services Plan gives us greater flexibility in our offering of employee benefits. The plan allows us to economically cover expenses that are not possible with other insurance plans. In addition, the PHSP is a tax-free vehicle. Dollars going into plan are tax deductible to the business and benefits withdrawn by the employees are done so tax free. The plan is easy to enroll and the administration is a breeze with the services offered by our Trusted Advisor, June Borlé.

Mark Chesley
CFO, Diamond Sea Glaze

Our Private Health Services Plan has given me the opportunity to provide dental and extended medical health coverage to my employees. It has flexibility and covers the costs of actual claims therefore profit is not wasted on unused coverage. Claims are dealt with promptly and efficiently so usage of the trust is very easy. I have been very satisfied with the PHSP for the last few years.

Nancy Mudford

It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with the Robinson Group, and Trusted Advisor Inc., since 2004.

June Borle has been consistently pleasant, accommodating and easily accessible, irregardless of the often mundane and simple questions that I have. She is both professional, knowledgeable and helps me understand the benefits of a PHSP.

Many of my colleagues are unaware of the benefits of a PHSP and the many expenses covered that are typically not covered by other insurance plans or are subject to onerous deductables.

And there is the added benefit of these expenses being a business tax deduction!

I am often surprised by the amount that I am reimbursed each year.   I feel fortunate that I was made aware of this opportunity many years ago, and that June has assisted me for so long!

John Surkan MD
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