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Yes, Fertility Treatments are 100% Tax Deductible!

FACT…as a Business Owner did you know  you can 100% tax-deduct all  fertility treatments, medication and fees???

HOW…by enrolling your Business into a Private Health Services Plan!!!

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) federal legislation allows business owners whether a Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Corporation to fully tax-deduct healthcare (including fertility treatments), dental and vision expenses by using a Private Health Services Plan (PHSP).  

  • Non-taxable benefit to owners, active shareholders, employees and dependents
  • No monthly premiums, no co-insurance, no health questions, no age limit, this is not insurance
  • Qualified list of expenses is endless, see what's covered through a Private Health Services Plan
  • One time set up fee tax deductible
  • 10% administration fee on claims submitted plus applicable provincial tax only on administration fee

Most business owners are unaware of this plan.  Instead of filing for the small 3% medical tax credit on personal taxes, you can now receive a 100% business tax-deduction and it’s a non-taxable benefit to you as the owner!

Why do this?                              

Healthcare Costs                      $5000                                      

(3% of net income) Deduct      $1500                                      

Available for Credit                   $3500                                      

Tax Credit*                            $  875 

When you could be doing this?

Healthcare Costs                      $5000

Administration Fee (10%)         $  500

Tax-deductible total                   $5500

Business Tax Deduction                    $5500

Non-taxable benefit paid to owner     $5000


 Net income of $50,000 per year with family medical expenses of $5000

*Based on a combined Federal and Provincial rate of 25%

CALL June to enroll in the best investment

you will make this year!!!

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