A Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) is an extremely valuable tool for accountants.

Not only does it help you save clients money. It helps you attract more clients.


For starters, it’s tax deductible. Two words that are music to any CEO’s ears.

Secondly, you can help clients build their PHSP Trusts with pre-tax dollars. Which helps bottom lines get a whole lot more attractive. And what company doesn't want to save money?

Most importantly, it allows you to provide a benefit that sets you apart: Helping companies improve their benefits. Which makes you more of a partner, and less of just a numbers person.

June can help educate you and your clients on the benefits of a PHSP.

Take advantage of inviting June Borlé to give a Private Health Services Plan presentation during your office lunch break. The presentation not only provides your staff with valuable information regarding this plan but also gives them the confidence to advise their client's who own a business of any size.

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